Rebellion to Tyranny
Freedom Convoy

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Final Destination: Moab Utah

Moab is a resort destination, please check the Google maps for accommodations. There are over 30 hotels and approximately 20 campgrounds in the immediate vicinity!

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Why an Appeal To Heaven?

The first flag George Washington flew was the Appeal to Heaven Flag.

General Washington’s flag was an idea that came from John Locke.  Locke explained that when a government becomes so oppressive and tyrannical that there no longer remains any legal remedy for citizens, they can appeal to Heaven and then resist that tyrannical government through a revolution.

Today We The People likewise feel our state and federal governments have spun out of control.

95% of the federal government agencies and what that government does is unconstitutional.

We The People feel unheard regarding:

  • Election integrity
  • Medical Tyranny
  • The Marxist indoctrination in our school systems
  • Out of control spending and inflation
  • Globalist policies chipping away at national sovereignty
  • Federal usurpation of our lands
  • And Blatant disregard for the Constitution


According to the Declaration of Independence, when government betrays the God given rights of the people, they have a response and duty to stand up to and correct that government.  Just as our founding fathers evoked God with a plea to Heaven against a tyrant overseas, so we again evoke and call upon God to restore this country to the principles and values it was founded upon.

Join us as we stand united as We The People and remind the government that it does not take a majority to prevail.

This convoy will consist of Patriots from Idaho, Nevada and Utah converging on Moab Utah February 18th in the year of our Lord 2022. The convoy will end with a freedom rally where the light of liberty will ignite and shine on the darkness of our political system.

Join us for a ride to remember and stayed tuned for developments and updates.

Caravan Maps

(See below each leg map for meetup addresses)

Provo Local Loop Leg

Start: The Shops at Riverwoods (9:00 AM)
End: Provo Towne Center (11:30 AM)
Loop Time: 2 Hours/100 Mi

Start: The Shops At Riverwoods (9:00 AM)
4801 N University Ave, Provo, UT 84604
End: Provo Towne Center (11:30 AM)
1200 Towne Centre Blvd, Provo 84601

Boise » Pocatello »
Provo Leg

Start: Boise
Meet: Pocatello (8:00 AM)
Meet: Provo Towne Center
Pocatello to Provo: 3 hours/200 Mi

Pocatello Meetup (8:00 AM)
700 W. Eldredge Rd
Pocatello 83201
End: Provo Towne Center
1200 Towne Centre Blvd, Provo 84601

Provo » Spanish Fork » Moab Leg

Start: Towne Center, Provo (11:30)
I15 to Spanish Fork
US6/US191 to Moab
Provo to Moab: 3 hours/190 Mi

Provo Meetup (11:00 AM)
The Shops At Riverwoods
4801 N University, Provo 84601
End: Old Spanish Trail Arena
3641 S Highway 191, Moab

Vegas » St. George » Sulphurdale » Moab Leg

Start: Las Vegas (8:00 AM)
I15 to St. George 2 hours/120 mi
to I70: 1 hr 45min/125 mi
I70 to Moab: 3 hours/200 Mi (3:00 PM)

St.George Meetup (10:00 AM)
Address To Be Determined